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Annual Khalsa Day Downtown Toronto Celebration

Vaisakhi also knowns as Khalsa Day celebrates the Sikh New Year and the establishment of the Sikh community in 1699. In Toronto, the Ontario Sikhs and Gurdwaras Council (OSGC) organizes an annual parade along Lakeshore Blvd. This is the third largest parade in Canada and attracts thousands of participants and spectators each year.

The parade kicks off at 1:00 from the Canadian National Exhibition grounds and travels east to Toronto City Hall, finishing at 3:30. Following, the parade dignitaries address the gathering from 3:30 until 5:00. Snacks are available at both the Exhibition grounds and City Hall.

The OSGC encourages people from all backgrounds and religions to come out and celebrate this important day in the Sikh calendar.

Notable Facts

  • Khalsa Day celebrates Vaisakhi, marking the birth of Sikh order.

  • Khalsa establishment in 1699

  • Guru Gobind Singh Ji, initiated the baptismal ceremony

  • Emphasizes the importance of selfless service

  • Largest Sikh celebration in Canada

  • The Khalsa Day has grown from 2,000 people since its inauguration in Toronto in 1986 to become the city’s third largest parade,